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Diagnostic Laboratories

The following laboratories perform diagnostic testing for amphibian diseases. Laboratories that have participated in QA/QC test validation studies with the North American Bsal Task Force Diagnostics Working Group are identified with an asterisk (*).

Animal Health Centre*
BC Ministry of Agriculture

British Columbia, Canada

Contacts: Tomy Joseph

Imperial College

School of Public Health

London, United Kingdom

Contact: Matthew Fisher

Laurentian University*

Ontario, Canada

Contact:David Lesbarreres

Southeastern Cooperative
Wildlife Disease Study*

Georgia, USA

Contact: Nicole Nemeth

University of South Dakota

South Dakota, USA

Contact: Jacob Kerby

Wildlife Epidemiology Lab*

University of Illinois

Illinois, USA

Contact: Matt Allender

ZooMed Diagnostic Laboratory

University of Florida

Florida, USA

Contact: April Childress

Animal Health Laboratory*

University of Guelph

Ontario, Canada

Contact Hugh Cai

Florida International University*

Florida, USA

Contact: Alessandro Catenazzi

Pisces Molecular*

Colorado, USA

Contact:John Wood

University of Massachusetts, Boston*

Massachusetts, USA

Contact: Doug Woodhams

National Wildlife Health Center*

US Geological Survey

Wisconsin, USA

Contact: Dan Grear

Center for Wildlife Health

University of Tennessee

Tennessee, USA

Contact: Deb Miller

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