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QA/QC Program

Announcement | August 19, 2020

Participate in our 2020 Bd/Bsal/Ranavirus QC/QA program

Laboratories currently running Bd, Bsal and/or Ranavirus sp PCR tests are invited to join our round robin ring test at the end of this year. Read the full announcement here

Sign up by September 30, 2020.

Anuncio especial | agosto 19, 2020

Participe en el programa de control de calidad
para patógenos de anfibios

Invitamos a todos los laboratorios de diagnóstico e investigación que corren pruebas de PCR para Bd, Bsal y ranaviruses a participar, de manera voluntaria y gratuita, en una prueba anillo a finales de este año. Siga esta liga para obtener mas información sobre este programa. 

Fecha límite para anotarse en la lista de participantes: 30 de septiembre

Emerging infectious diseases, particularly frog and salamander chytridiomycosis, and infection with several species of ranaviruses, are major threats to amphibian biodiversity. Diagnostic tests that can reliably detect the presence of these diseases are crucial to controlling the spread of disease, ensuring disease-free status in rescue colonies and the success of translocation and re-introduction programs. Laboratories worldwide that perform tests for these pathogens produce results that influence conservation strategies and governmental policies. Accuracy and repeatability of testing is crucial. 

Although there are recommendations regarding protocols and the use of standards, methodology varies amongst labs depending on their purpose, size and equipment. In most cases, labs are unable to confirm their results or access an outside quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) program. The Diagnostics Working Group has developed a QA/QC program to meet the critical need for a QA/QC program that is practical, economical and accessible.

The Diagnostic Working Group QA/QC Program uses a “round robin” methodology based on comparing results amongst labs running similar tests. An independent agency supplies blind samples to all labs, collects and compares the results. Labs are informed of where their results stand, but the confidentiality of each lab is maintained.

QC/QA Reports

QC/QA Program: Pilot Study

June 1, 2019

Diagnostic Tests Assessed

Bsal, Bd

Participating Laboratories

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